Audi A3 Review

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Audi A3 Review

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The Audi A3 is a sleek car with a fastback- wagon- type profile. The alloy wheels are big and the styling cues are aggressive. For savvy people who know what to do with their money, this is a very attractive package. The Audi A3 can well be classified as ‘entry luxury’. It sports a better array of features that other cars in its category or prize level. What’s more, driving the Audi A3 is really a dream. It is direct, light and refined. It drives equally well, on an open road or a busy city street.


The Audi A3 is kind of a wagon and hatchback rolled into one. The proportions are universally appealing though. There are very few people who don’t like what the A3 looks like. It is actually of a design that is fancier than the other hatchback designs available in the market, for instance the Subaru WRX or the Mazda3.
The Audi A3 is more aggressive and sportier and it has features like a roof spoiler, an aluminum trim and re- skinned bumpers. These features have kind of given the car a much higher upscale look.
The interiors are great too: well- crafted, ergonomically simple and flawless.


The Audi A3 comes in 2 versions: one with gasoline- charged engines and another with an engine that runs on diesel. Both have 2.0-liter four-cylinder engines, which are turbocharged. Modes which run on gasoline get manual transmission which is six-speed. Performance between the two kinds of engines is quite similar actually. The TDI versions of the Audi A3 does not have the quattro all- wheel driving systems.

Driving the A3 is a dream, as said earlier in this piece. The drive system is magnetic, a feature that is available only on this car. The shock absorber controlling system has an adaptive- action function. It takes milliseconds to actually change the response of the wheels of the car- which is great!


The interior of the Audi A3 is small, but it is exquisitely crafted and laid out well. Cargo space may not be very appealing, considering the expectations of most people that a hatchback car will have ample cargo space. The interior of the A3 is premium and attractive. The quality of the ride may also be a bit stiff and outside noise may become intrusive sometimes. The accommodation provided by the rear seat is acceptable.


The 2011 Audi A3 is a car that is equipped with all the safety equipments one can dream about in a vehicle of its category. It also sports a few added ones as well: anti- lock brakes, Stability control, curtain- head airbags which are full length, front- seat side- impact- features which would be otherwise unexpected in such a vehicle, are present as well.

What’s more, it has won some safety awards as well. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has consistently given it “good” ratings. The car has also been named the 2011 Top Safety Pick.


The set of equipment the Audi A3 sports are truly fabulous. It is ‘entry luxury’. Features such as leather upholstery, keyless entry, automatic climate control, a 10- speaker surround sound system are present.

The Premium Plus models from the A3 stable include bigger alloy wheels, xenon headlamps, power driver seat, LED lighting, LED running lamps and audio controls. A Sport Package can be had as an optional feature, for which one has to pay extra. Other optional features one can get the car fitted with are a great navigation system, an iPod integration kit and a premium Bose sound system.

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