Car Insurance for Women

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Car Insurance for Women

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Though each individual varies, statistics show that women generally cause fewer accidents and are less prone to engage in driving under the influence. As a result, many insurance providers offer more favorable rates to women drivers because they pose less of a risk. While this may be nice as a woman, there are a number of things to consider when purchasing auto insurance.

It is easy to be tempted by the offer of cheap auto insurance, especially if it is further discounted on the basis of sex, but cheap is not always the best value. It is important to take the time to compare what coverage and services are being offered for the price, and consider what that means for you financially in the event of an accident. The best companies will offer a balance of price and service that allows for sufficient coverage at a competitive price rather than cutting corners to achieve the lowest cost. Also, while it is nice to receive a discount just for being a woman, companies that take a sex-neutral approach and set rates based on driving records may be much better in the long run. By setting premiums based on performance, you may be rewarded for safe and smart driving, which will reduce your premiums more over time through no-claim discounts, whereas insurance providers who offer discounted rates based only on gender may not take driver experience and performance into account.

When searching for auto insurance as a woman, it is beneficial to sit down with an insurance agent and speak to them personally to get an idea of what their feelings are towards women drivers. If you feel that you are being discriminated against or that the overall atmosphere is not one you are comfortable with, finding another provider is always an option and you can take your business elsewhere. Take the time to review rates and possible benefits such as no-claims discounts and accident forgiveness that may save you money in the future. Additionally, make note of any disparities between rates charged for men and women or preferential treatment that you feel is unwarranted; if they are radically different, it might be better to opt for an insurance provider with a sex-neutral approach to setting rates that focuses more on age and driving record.

While it is true that women may enjoy lower insurance rates because of a decreased likelihood of accidents or unsafe driving, it may not always be beneficial to take advantage of that fact. Be sure to research your options thoroughly and decide on a company that rewards you personally as a driver rather than offering blanket discounts based on statistics.

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