Car Insurance – What Can Voluntary Excess Do To Your Premium

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Car Insurance – What Can Voluntary Excess Do To Your Premium

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When purchasing insurance, it is worth knowing what different levels of voluntary excess will do to your car insurance premium.

Depending on what level you choose will depend on whether you get a cheaper premium or not.

You will find that when you are constructing your motor insurance policy online, that there is an option to change the amount of excess that you can pay. A higher excess contribution will lower your monthly payments, but consider this very carefully first though.

Does it suit you better to pay a little more money each month or are you willing to risk haying a higher excess in the case of a claim. It is up to you, you can only make that decision. However, it I worth knowing that higher he excess to the maximum could save you 25% off the price of the policy. Check out the Audi car insurance policy, they can offer most motorists a healthy no claims discount.

Don’t just fall in to the trap of just increasing the excess straight away without exploring any other cost cutting ideas, because this in my eyes is a last resulting measure to get a lower quote when everything else has been exhausted.

Your no claims bonus is your secret weapon when getting a quotation, if you have more than five years no claims, then expect to get savings, if not then you could struggle. However there are plenty of other tips such as the security of your vehicle. Park it off the road and in a locked garage and you’ll receive a discount. Fitting your vehicle with a car alarms sydney will also do the same. Making it hard for thieves to either break-in or steal your vehicle all together, makes you a low risk, to the insurer.

Try and use your car less. Low mileage users will always get a lower quote than motorists who use their car a lot for work and socially.

We all tend to commute many miles to work every day, and that can increase your mileage each year and the cost of the insurance. If you used it less, through car sharing and using public transport more, you could then reduce the mileage and the cost of your premium too.

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