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Honda Automobiles

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Some of the best cars made are made by Honda, it’s true. That explains the popularity of Honda automobiles.

Top standards in manufacturing and top quality engineering mark these cars. Even some more pricey cars in the same class don’t surpass them. When a person buys a Honda automobile, they’re buying quality and reliability.

The Honda Civic is an excellent vehicle. Many people own the sedan, coupe or even the hybrid. There are models around $23,000 as well as more basic ones in the $15K range. This car is also one of the best when it comes to gas mileage. They range from 36MPG up to 46MPG for the hybrid version. Both will save money at the pump, but keep in mind that the hybrid mileage is offset by the extra cost and the cost of a replacement battery likely needed after 3-5 years.

The Honda Civic car also has one of the best resale values in the automotive industry. People who buy them new are often pleasantly surprised when it comes time to sell or trade in for a new model. If maintained in excellent condition it’s possible to purchase a new Civic every few years for only a few thousand dollars. Some people like new cars every few years, so that’s fantastic.

But some people don’t want to sell. The same features that make resale value so high also make this car a good candidate for long term service. The key again is proper maintenance. The Civic can run for 20 or more years if it’s well cared for. That’s a good thing. It becomes a part of the family. There are better ways to spend money than buying cars every few years.

Another nice Honda car is the Element. The compact SUV is a great value. People on the go love this vehicle. Most of the interior is rubber, along with cloth seats and a plastic dash. At first this seems to scream cheap, but there’s a method to the madness. The interior is designed to be easy to clean. Feel free to let the kids get in when they’re muddy, you can wash it down with a hose. Yup, that was hose Try that with leather.

Honda automobiles are popular for a reason. Their quality creates that popularity. Think about a Honda for your next car.The Honda Element is also nice. There’s a lot of value packed into this smaller SUV. It has features that lend itself to the type of SUV adventurous people need. It has rubber throughout the interior. That isn’t because the car is cheap. It was done so the car is easy to clean. You can hose down the interior when it’s dirty. Yup, that was hose That can’t be done if the dash is fancy wood.

There’s a reason Honda cars are so well liked. Their quality creates that popularity. Make Honda your next automobile purchase.

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