Hunting For The Best VW Golf

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Hunting For The Best VW Golf

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If you ask a large number of drivers what their opinion of Volkswagen cars are, the response will be awesomely favourable. There is no doubt that Volkswagen have built up a fantastic reputation for their car manufacturing capabilities over the decades. Whether you mention the VW Beetle, the VW Golf, VW Polo or any of the newer models to pop up (such as the Fox), you will usually illicit a smile of recognition or a nod of approval. With this in mind, I decided to buy myself a mega Used Volkswagen Golf.

I chose to buy a Used Volkswagen as price is a rather sizeable issue where VW tend to fall down slightly. The VW Golf and VW Polo have competitors that are very similar to them, but almost always come in at least £1000 cheaper than our German automotive friend’s efforts. The one argument in favour of this seemingly unreasonable price hike would be the expression, “you get what you pay for. This saying may hold some weight in this situation, as the quality in most Volkswagen cars is amazingly superior to that of the competition.

I started my search at Heritage Westbury VW Swindon, which I had been reassured by many friends was an excellent place to start my search. With an amazing selection of cars and good offers, my first impression was to agree with them. Out of all the models at Heritage VW Swindon, a particular Used VW Golf caught my attention. It was one of the much lauded VW Golf GTi models, loved by the old and young alike for years.

After a short, but ultimately inspiring test drive, I surmised that the VW Golf GTi was most definitely the car for me. One of the most satisfying facets of my shopping experience was the ease of payment at Heritage VW Swindon; there was the minimum of forms to fill in and before I knew it I was driving my VW Golf GTi away.

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