Inexpensive Car

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Inexpensive Car

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Many people treat cars like a status symbol. Everyone has heard of the celebrities with massive collections of expensive cars, or custom built garages to accommodate their cars in the heart of an expensive city like New York.

Buying an inexpensive car is the way to go for some folks. Poor quality doesn’t necessarily follow cheap price. Less costly can still be exciting to drive.

One of the ways to obtain a quality inexpensive car is to purchase a used car. Second hand luxury models are cheaper than new. A new term has emerged over the last decade, pre-owned – to denote used cars that are of high quality. Some people who always bought new have crossed over into pre-owned. Think about luxury vehicles. Even after 10 years a well built Lexus can look and drive like new. Many people always buy late model used cars instead of new ones.This was immortalized in Driving Miss Daisy when the driver bought Miss Daisy’s old cars.

Some new cars are pretty inexpensive. The Hyundai Elantra is a quality car under $12,000. A car like the Honda Civic weighs in at about $15,000 for one of the best engineered cars in the world. That’s a good car that gets great mileage and lasts forever. Cheaper cars are also generally less costly to maintain, and they don’t require premium gasoline.

There are even relatively less expensive luxury cars. Audi makes luxury cars that compete with Mercedes and Lexus, but generally at the lower end of the price spread for like models. Audi boasts the top engineered cars in the world, bar none. A less expensive luxury sports car is the Audi TT.

Some people mean really cheap when they say cheap. They turn to the clunker, the hooptie, the ancient model car that was probably old when their parents first bought a car. Teens often buy this style of car. As long as it’s safe to drive, it gets them from A to B. Be careful because inexpensive cars can be busts. A car that constantly breaks down is no bargain at any price.

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