Italian Scooters – A Stylish Choice

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Italian Scooters – A Stylish Choice

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Piaggio scooters are produced by the Piaggio Company in Italy and USA. After World War II, the first Piaggio scooters to win the market belonged to the Vespa line, and they provide an alternative means of transportation. Presently, there is no other larger scooter producer in Europe, while on the world market, comes fourth in the top of the best sold brands. The fuel efficiency, the stylish look and the technological superiority make the biggest advantages of Piaggio scooters.

600,000 Piaggio scooters are produced and sold every year, and unlike car sales, scooter sales have increased over the last twenty-four months. Given the deep economical crisis that affects countries worldwide, it is only natural for people to seek alternative means of transportation that are less expensive than cars. Plus, it is definitely easier to cope with the heavy traffic in the urban jungle when you ride a two-wheel vehicle that is both sleek and rapid. Other than these, the costs on insurance, registration and maintenance are a lot lower for Piaggio scooters and other small motorcycles than for cars.

Plenty of Piaggio scooters designs are available to suit any taste, requirements or needs Thus, all the cc categories provide four-stroke engines with cooling devices, with or without MP3 and other features that make riding comfortable and safe. The cooling system differs from model to model, and while some rely on water for the cooling process, others use special liquids to keep the engine within optimal parameters. An alternative to the gas powered Piaggio scooters is the hybrid version that incorporates both a gas engine and an electric motor.

The possibility of saving even more money on gas has increased the popularity of the hybrid Piaggio scooters that marked a new stage of evolution in the development of vehicles. Compared to the fuel consume of a car, the 1.67 liters per 100 km specific to Piaggio scooters sounds like a dream come true. Although fuel economy {gets most of|deserves all} the credit, the designers of hybrid Piaggio scooters did not overlook performance, because these vehicles surely don’t lack power for their class. Thus, a hybrid scooter could accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h within no more than five seconds.

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