National Car Rental Company

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National Car Rental Company

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In 1947 twenty four independent rental car agents got together to form National Car Rental Company. There were immediately 60 offices around the country.

By 1947 standards, that was a big company. 2000 locations around the world eclipses that original number 60. When people need to rent an auto, they can go to National.

While on business many people need to rent automobiles. Relying on others to drive them around a city isn’t reasonable. After dark that’s even more true. People don’t want to ride a train or bus then.

Big rental companies offer very low rates, and National is no exception. It’s possible to have a car for about $20 a day. During some special promotions it’s even lower. Try $1 a day for one way travel to certain cities at certain times of the year.

National has a lot of last minute deals, too. It takes positive action to be the last minute rental leader. People don’t always have notice for a trip that requires a rental car. It might be a funeral, or just a sick family member, or a last minute business trip to handle a problem client or situation. National works to provide the best deals in those types of situations. Look at these deals. $19 a day for a compact car, or a convertible for only $170 weekly. Low last minute rates are pretty unique to National.

A little known fact is that National and Alamo are part of the same corporate entity. They’ve both been owned by Enterprise since 1997. Each one has its own specialty, so the brands remain unique. Whereas Enterprise is associated more with business rentals and corporate fleets, and Alamo has a reputation as a vacation car rental company, National maintains the image of the place to go for last second rentals.

That doesn’t mean someone can’t go to any of these companies for any reason. Sites such as compare all the rates. Don’t forget discount codes and coupons . Choose National car rental when it has the best rates.

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