Rental Cars and Mexico

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Rental Cars and Mexico

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It’s very important to know the rules and regulations of your  san diego airport car rentals company, if you want to drive your rental car into Mexico.

You can drive a rental car into Mexico with some car rental companies. Camper rental Iceland companies will generally only allow travel into Mexico from certain states or cities. The most common car rental pickup locations that allow for travel into Mexico are located in certain cities in Texas, Arizona and California.

There are some basic restrictions or regulations that will apply, if the rental car company does allow you to take its’ vehicle into Mexico.

You will be required to purchase Mexico Visitors Insurance from the car rental company. The price can vary by company. This insurance is not available to purchase in Mexico and must be purchased at the originating pick up location.

You must purchase this insurance regardless of any insurance you already carry or have purchased from the car rental company.

There are vehicle restriction for travel into Mexico. Check with the rental location to make sure that the type of vehicle you want to rent is allowed to cross the border.

You will be restricted as to where, in Mexico, you can drive the rental car. The Mexico visitors insurance usually allows travel up to 250 miles into Mexico. If you are unsure whether travel is allowed to the location in Mexico that you want to visit, check with your car rental company directly for details on that restriction.

Mexican law does not allow Mexican citizens to bring a U.S. vehicle into Mexico, or operate a U.S. vehicle within Mexico.

If you plan on taking a rental into Mexico, make sure to confirm all terms and conditions with your car rental company. Doing your planning in advance and knowing the policies of your preferred car rental company will save you time at the rental counter and give you peace of mind while on your trip!

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