Saturn Aura

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Saturn Aura

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The impressive sales of Saturn Aura allowed for this mid-sized car to get in the top of the best cars produced by General Motors.
The new Saturn concept was presented in the 2006 New York Auto Show, and it capatured the public attention right from the beginning even if GM only intended it as the line to replace the L Series. The result of this new direction is an advantage of American cars over European imports particularly since in recent years the focus has fallen on the latter in the United States. Saturn Aura thus rivals with its distant relative: the European Opel Vectra.

The averaged Saturn Aura includes folding mirrors and side marker lights, and such specificities are tributary to European cars that served as a source of inspiration. The other aesthetic details make Saturn Aura a nice and good car with 17 or 18 inch wheels and all season tires according to the XR or XE models. The improvements in car appearance are relevant for the structure of the cabin too; now Saturn Aura allows the buyer a choice for saddle leather seats and back seat radio control. Yet, despite the real advantages in the standard model, Saturn Aura has been bad-mouthed for the quality of the materials used in the cabin design.

As for the technical characteristics of the Saturn Aura standard models, there is an assisted break system for all the four wheel disk brakes, heated seats and comprehensive front and lateral airbags, automatic steering control and stability control as well as remote vehicle start. Saturn Aura also spoils its users with 224 horsepower for a 3.5 liter V6 engine. The distinction between Saturn Aura XR and XE is obvious with the properties of the suspensions: thus Saturn Aura XE has soft suspensions while Aura XR has more rigid sportier ones. Moreover, this concept gap is further reflected in the price of the car with the soft variant coming cheaper.

Saturn Aura is also available in the hybrid eco form following the green line traits. It uses a belt alternation system and it has the same suspension system as the gas-fueled XE models. This hybrid design brings 164 horsepower and a significant fuel consume reduction. In the effort to make more people open to buy hybrid cars, government policy has changed in regard to tax payment; thus you’ll taxes will be reduced by up to $1,300 if you choose a car in the green line. This means that after you purchase the Saturn Aura hybrid you’ll save the above mentioned sum that you’d otherwise pay for taxes.

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