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Saturn Car

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Saturn car models presently make some of the most affordable vehicles in the General Motors family brand; the Saturn collection includes family cars, SUVs, regular vehicles and minivans.
The reduction in fuel consume combined with the good price represent essential elements that count on the Saturn car market. This production tendency got integrated by General Motors as a marketing strategy to gain market dominance over the fiercest competitor: Japanese automotive manufacturers. Thus, General Motors started to sell low-priced Saturn car models in the early 1990s; then, this new division attracted the public attention by the very customer friendly services.

The S Series are the Saturn car models to first impose themselves on the market in their complete array of coupes, sedans and wagons. They distinguished themselves even within the varied GM classes of products by the use of new special platforms and plastic panels included for a superior durability and resistance against denting. The entire Saturn car division was produced in a single plant in Tennessee. Back in the 90s these vehicles were the most fuel-efficient of their time with a forty miles per gallon consume for manual transmissions. Plus, from model to model, a Saturn car could offer somewhere between 85 and 124 horsepower.

The beginning of the century didn’t bring any significant change in the Saturn car manufacturing systems; the producers worked a little bit at the interior look, but it is obvious that within the GM family this brand was underexploited and even neglected. With smaller sales getting the leaders’ attention, General Motors eventually decided to move in the direction of creating a new Saturn car division: the L Series. The concept relied on the use of the sedan to revive interest in the brand: thus the Vue and the Ion followed together with a green line application in the form of a hybrid car this time.

If compared to the first Saturn car models, present-day Saturn vehicles have changed and improved a lot. Instead of the plastic panels used for the first models, steel is now used for safety purposes, not to mention that it is more convenient. Moreover, any modern Saturn car is likely to bear the the similarity with the European GM models like the Opel. Some users have reproached the loss of the originality and the stylish polishing of European cars, but generally speaking, one cannot forget or ignore the serious standard level increase made not only in design but in quality and refinement too.

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