Saturn SC2

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Saturn SC2

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Saturn SC2 is the short name from the sports coupe level of the first division of Saturn vehicles produced at the beginning of the 90s.

The introduction of the S Series by General Motors came a smart plan to lower the influence of the Japanese imports on the American market. After Saturn SC2 became a market hit, Japan and Taiwan actually started selling these vehicles on their internal markets, which only proves that the reputation GM got for the Saturn S Series was of international magnitude. In the years following the release, no improvements have been made to Saturn SC2, upgrades appeared as late as 1999.

Saturn SC2 got a little lateral door often called the suicide door on the side of the driver. In the case of the SC design, this extra feature was a big change as it was a sure innovation in the manufacturing of sports cars. This kind of door had only been used in the manufacturing of extended cab pickup trucks before. Saturn SC2 was produced with little modifications afterwards until 2003 when General Motors replaced the S Series and launched their new sports car, Saturn Ion. The production of this latter model also came to a halt in 2007 as well when General Motors chose a new market approach.

In its category, Saturn SC2 represented the most fuel-efficient vehicle with a manual transmission. One gallon of gas was enough for forty miles according to the ratings and the data in the Saturn SC2 highway tests. This initial engine was rated at only 124 horsepower, but in 1995 improvements were made to the first SC model: thus, the producer added a lower front bumper and a trunk lid reflector, not to mention that the interior was also redesigned. It was the second generation of Saturn SC2 that saw changes in exterior concept that now focused on rather curve lines.

Reviews claim that Saturn SC2 brought little difference from SC1, the latter only received black outside mirrors while the SC2 variant remained with colored ones. Other features of the Saturn SC2 included a traction control system, an antibreak lock and standard fog lamps. Then, in terms of manual transmission, there were no changes between Saturn SC2 and SC1, and the same similarity was preserved in the dashboard look, in the wheelbase structure and in the dayltime lights. Improvements were tributary to the Saturn sedan and station wagon designs.

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