Short Term Car Insurance

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Short Term Car Insurance

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To avoid potential consequences of driving without insurance and having to pay heavy damages in the event of an accident, as well as facing legal action, drivers should always be insured when operating a vehicle. However, long-term auto insurance is not always convenient or practical. Fortunately, in these cases, short-term car insurance can provide a viable alternative to ensure proper coverage at all times without an unnecessary long term commitment.

Short-term car insurance covers a vehicle temporarily, from anywhere between one day to six months, and is generally called temporary car insurance when it lasts for less than a month. Premiums are generally charged at a flat rate which may be lower than a typical long-term insurance rate for your vehicle and, depending on the length of coverage, may be paid on a monthly basis or collected in a down payment. Short-term car insurance includes liability insurance and the policyholder may opt for more coverage, such as medical coverage and other extras that insurance providers may offer. Generally, short term car insurance can be cancelled at any time with a request submitted in writing, though additional costs may be incurred for early termination.

Scenarios where ownership or operation of a vehicle is only a one-time or temporary situation are perfect for short-term car insurance. Adding drivers to long-term insurance policies can be a tedious process and often results in unwanted up-front costs to cover them until the next premium payment is made. Also, most insurance providers do not count claims made on short-term policies against your long-term insurance policy, allowing you to continue to receive no-claim benefits if a friend or relative happens to have an accident or damage your vehicle while operating it under short-term coverage. Short-term car insurance could be purchased to cover a child back from college for a break, or possibly a visiting relative using a vehicle they aren’t insured on Additionally, short-term car insurance might be beneficial for a long trip in a rental car, or for a visiting foreigner whose need for insurance is only temporary. Often, people will take out short-term policies on a car that is put in storage for a period of time, or to protect against seasonal damage from things such as hail or hurricanes.

Whatever situation it is needed for, short-term car insurance provides a convenient way to ensure that your vehicle and any occupants are covered in case of any problems. Though it is not a practical replacement for long-term auto insurance, short-term auto insurance can help to supplement your standard insurance policy or offer overlapping coverage only when it is necessary, allowing you to avoid continued payments for coverage you may only need for a few months.

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