Storage of your MX5 Hardtop

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Storage of your MX5 Hardtop

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The Mazda MX5 hard top is an excellent addition to the car. In place, it gives the car a sporty coupe appearance. The MX5 hardtop comes in a matching color and finish to that of the car, which of course means that you will want to prevent damage from occurring while the top is stored to ensure the same matching appearance when reattached. Here are several of the options available for the storage of the roof to your MX5.

Damage occurs more easily to the hardtop roof when it is being stored due to items dropping on it or accidental gouging by people walking by the area in which it is stored. The best practice to protect from scratches is to purchase a storage bag. The hardtop storage bag covers the painted surfaces and several have available hook which allow the roof to hang on the wall instead of being leaned against it.

Leaning is an unsafe practice as the MX5 roof may get knocked over and incur unnecessary damage. There is also a manufacturer created stand which allows the roof to be stored on end to take up less floor space in the storage area, but the stand does not have any form of scratch or dent protection attached and the storage bag would still be suggested.

There is also a home made solution to the care and storage of the hardtop roof. By attaching two blocks of wood to the wall of your storage area, you can create a location to hang the top. High density foam should be attached to the blocks so the finish does not get marred. Once the roof is in place, a luggage strap can be used to hold it securely. Once this is done, any soft material can be used to cover the roof for protection from dust and scratches.

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