Temporary Car Insurance

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Temporary Car Insurance

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While maintaining long term car insurance on a vehicle is important to help protect against unforeseen circumstances, sometimes it is beneficial to supplement long-term insurance with a more temporary solution for extra needs or different coverage that might not be included in your usual long term contract. For these circumstances, temporary insurance contracts can often be drafted to provide the desired level of coverage for a shortened period of time, generally under a month.

Temporary car insurance is usually defined as a contract covering 28 days or less, and can either offer additional coverage on top of a long term contract, or coverage leading up to or in between longer term solutions. Because the contracts are drafted for short periods of time and generally offer the same level of coverage as a long term policy, they generally have much higher premiums as a result of the convenience in addition to the greater financial liability to the insurance provider. Temporary policies offer a much smaller window of opportunity for premium payments to accumulate and offset any potential claims, so prices rise to compensate. Not every insurance provider offers temporary car insurance however, due in part to the extra risks to the insurer.

There are a number of different scenarios in which temporary insurance would be beneficial or add an extra layer of security should something happen. Some people choose to purchase temporary insurance when they are planning on purchasing a new car to cover the vehicle as they drive it off the lot to protect against any potential accidents before a full contract can be drafted to fit their desired coverage. Additionally, if a family member or friend is visiting and plans to use a vehicle that doesn’t include coverage for them on the policy, or someone off-policy may be driving with you for a road trip, temporary car insurance can ensure that they have proper coverage and that everything is in order in case of an accident or unexpected circumstances. In areas where there is an elevated risk of natural disaster such as flooding or hurricanes and tornadoes, it may be beneficial to purchase temporary car insurance to cover seasonal hazards for extra protection when it is needed while avoiding continued payments when it isn’t.

Though it isn’t a replacement for long-term auto insurance, temporary car insurance can fill an important role in protecting your investment and finances by offering coverage during infrequent or one-time events. For the added convenience of a temporary insurance contract, policyholders will have to pay increased premiums. However, the added security in case of accident or disaster can help to preserve financial security and protect your investment.

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