The Elements of Auto Body Repair

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The Elements of Auto Body Repair

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The main elements in auto body repair are painting and surface treatment and sheet metal repairs. A car body repair also requires the appropriate tools when it comes to surface treatments as well as sheet metal repairs. And we must not forget the right fixing instructions. It is important that these repair processes are carried out safely using the equipment that can generate the desired results without creating a health risk.

Surface Treatment and Painting

The painting procedure is actually the last part of a vehicle body repair. Before this is done you have to prepare for painting like hole filling, sanding, dent removal etc and even sheet metal fixing (see below) if that is necessary.

In most cases the body is spray painted. That’s the most effective way of doing it, and also gives the best result.

Painting tools

Today most painting tools are of the air respirators type. like the Hobbyair and Neoterik systems or spray guns like DeVilbiss, Sata and Sharpe. Examples of dent removal tools are HS Stud Welders and Black Hawk hydraulic equipments.

Sheet metal repairs

This type of repair is often needed when restoring aged and damaged vehicles, like collision repairs – for instance an entire body panel replacement. It can also be rust removal.

Sheet metal repair tools

Examples of these kind of tools can be MIG welders like Firepower and Astro MIG, air powered tools like Hutchins etc.

Auto repair manuals are important, especially when you are uncertain about something. It also pays to receive guidance from people that have done your type of auto body repair many times.

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