Used Car Auction

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Used Car Auction

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It’s easy to find discounted car bargains at a used car auction. Not only can great deals on used cars be found there, but also some incredible higher model cars too.
Many people purchase cars this way either for themselves or to sell at a profit. A little information can make an auction an even better experience.

One possible problem is that the purchase might not be a good one. Every car at an auction isn’t a hidden gem. The rule of the auction jungle is “as is”. The old children’s show “Electric Company” taught children about this with a man considering used car with an “as is” sign in the window As he inspects the car he asks a lot of questions to which the salesman always responds “as is”. After the sale is final the buyer tries to drive the car, but the doors fall off and the engine explodes. The unfortunate buyer shouts “I want the car as was!” Nobody wants to become that guy.

People are given the chance to inspect the vehicles at car auctions. Avoid the auctions that don’t. Spend time at the facility before the auction begins. Inspect and take a spin in the interesting autos. Bring a mechanic to provide an expert eye. If not, then during the test drive bring the car to a mechanic for inspection. Decent inspections take only a few minutes to check the important elements of the car including the motor, belts, brakes, and the like. Look for other issues such as dings or dents or rust .

Another problem is inherent in auctions. People assume that the auction price will be a great deal, but often it ends up being more expensive than purchasing the item through a normal sales process. It’s no different at car auctions. Bidding might rise beyond the real value of the car. Be very careful because fees will be added to the final bid price. Easily accessible date on car values is standard issue for used car auction buyers. With Internet enabled phones and the like it’s now easy to look up this information while on site. It’s pretty foolish to pay more for a car than it’s worth even if it’s an eye catcher.

It’s not hard to find bargains at auctions. But come armed with information and expertise. Car auctions follow the rule of thumb of every sale, buyer beware.

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